Sandra Martina Schwab

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Research Articles in Non-Academic Media


Podcast (March-November 2008)
to accompany my course Cultural Studies 1: Britain in Historical Perspective

Audio Recordings of Conference Workshops
"Holland House." 2005 Beau Monde Conference CD. BillsPro Publishing, 2005.

Death, Mourning, and Femininity in 19th-Century Britain. RWA National Conference CD Collection. BillsPro Publishing, 2004.

Articles in Magazines
"Von (nichtexistenten) grünen Daumen und blühenden Gärten." LoveLetter April 2008: 22-23.  [about British landscape gardens]

"Remembrances: Geoffrey Trease." Solander 11:2 (2007): 21.

"Sandra Schwab im Gespräch mit Gaelen Foley." LoveLetter May 2006: 1+.

"Lady Holland und ihre Gäste." LoveLetter December 2005: 13-14.

"Unwiderstehliche Helden: Bad Boys." LoveLetter August 2005: 1+.

"Männer im Kilt: Die Faszination schottischer Helden." LoveLetter Juni 2005: 5.

Online Articles
"News and Media: Murder Most Dreadful." Unusual Historicals. 7. April 2010.

"Arts and Music: The Pre-Raphaelites." Unusual Historicals. 10. March 2010.

"Scandal: The Eglinton Tournament." Unusual Historicals. 14. September 2009.

"Literature and Education: Medieval Mystery Plays." Unusual Historicals. 19. May 2009.

"Fashion: Unusual Victorian Brooches." Unusual Historicals. 7. April 2009.

"Humans in Nature: Travels on the Rhine." Unusual Historicals. 16. February 2009.

"Professions: The Anglo Saxon Warrior." Unusual Historicals. 7. January 2009.

"The History of the Christmas Tree." The Mystic Castle. December 2008.

"Sports and Entertainment: Books and Reading in the Nineteenth Century." Unusual Historicals. 1. December 2008. leisure-entertainment-books-reading-in.html

"Expansion and Invasion: From Empire to Commonwealth." Unusual Historicals. 29. October 2008.

"Negotiating Gender Relations: Penny Jordan's They're Wed Again!" Teach Me Tonight. 3. October 2008.

"Women: Dead Maidens Floating down to Camelot." Unusual Historicals. 9. September 2008.

"Religious Beliefs: The Synod of Whitby." Unusual Historicals. 18. June 2008.

"Social Movements: Victorian Medievalism." Unusual Historicals. 23. April 2008.

"Maladies and Treatments: Healing with Urine." Unusual Historicals. 17. March 2008.

"Daily Life: Snuff – No Grimaces Allowed!" Unusual Historicals. 28. January 2008.

"Holidays and Celebrations: 'Stille Nacht': A Christmas Carol Travels the World." 12. December 2007.

"Feminism and Popular Culture Conference: The Three Musketeers in Newcastle." Teach Me Tonight. 28. August 2007. [Conference Report]

"Once Upon a Time … #2." Unusual Historicals. 22. August 2007. http://unusualhistoricals.

“The Albany – The Seventh Heaven of Bachelorhood.” Unusual Historicals. 21. July 2007.

"Rotten Grapes." Unusual Historicals 21. May 2007. 2007/05/rotten-grapes.html

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